Kyla – V2

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10926 01 Kyla   V2
Our ambitions were limited as to how far Kyla would go. We figured she'd show us some titty, maybe even take her pants off. Ambition is a great motivator, though, and in her case Kyla's ambition yielded some quality sucking and fucking — and even a nice, sticky facial to top things off! See full-length episode at

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Leila – V2

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10925 01 Leila   V2
Leila says she doesn't hang around with black guys, because her parents told her not to. WTF? Oh well, an appeal to her desire to get famous was enough to overcome her parents' racist inclinations, so in the end, she got to learn firsthand about the merits of big, black cock! See full-length episode at

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Alex Divine – V2

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10924 01 Alex Divine   V2
We were out cruising for another white bitch to audition, and Tone spotted Alex's cute little ass from a mile away. Before long, Tone was ramming his thick black snake right down her throat, and she took every inch like the slutty little cocksucker she is. Wait til you see the load Tone dropped on this blonde bimbo's face! See full-length episode at

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Trina Michaels – V2

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10923 01 Trina Michaels   V2
When D brought in this smokin blonde for an audition, the first thing we noticed were her nice big tits and fine little ass. It was her mouth that D will remember best though, especially the way she took his whole massive cock in it, no problem! Wait 'til you see the hµrting D puts on this tight white twat! See full-length episode at

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Amber – V2

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10922 01 Amber   V2
When we found out that Amber was a "real" dancer – we're talking ballet, not titty bars – we knew we had our work cut out for us getting her to fuck on camera. But every starving artist needs a little cash, and once we found the right price, Amber was doing the splits on some big black dick! It wasn't the kind of "Nutcracker" she's used to, but Amber seemed to like it, just fine… See full-length episode at

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Slut Ditches Work to Fuck- V2

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8029 01 Slut Ditches Work to Fuck  V2
We found Tiffany working in a clothing store and wanted to know if we could buy some clothes off her, but in the end she let us buy her clothes off of her hot gorgeous body! She knew how to work it for extra cash, but it was worth it to dump our old man loads right on her face! See full-length episode at

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Holly Wellin – V2

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10921 01 Holly Wellin   V2
Holly is from England and answered our add for being in a rap Video. Little does she know that she's going to have to suck and fuck a huge black dick to get the part. The catch is, there's no rap video, and the video we're shooting is her getting impaled by a huge meatstick! Watch the action as this black dick virgin gets to be the star in her own porn video! See full-length episode at

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Genesis – V2

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10920 01 Genesis   V2
Genesis is a problem student, in need of some real discipline. She's failing 3 of her 6 classes, and the Dean has a new lesson plan and some "extracurricular activities" to help improve her grades: a blowjob earns a C average, but for straight A's, she's going to have do more than blow! See full-length episode at

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Nadia Isn’t So Nyce – V2

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10919 01 Nadia Isnt So Nyce   V2
Nadia was a little unsure about us at first, but once she overcame her shyness, she was as nasty as they come! She bounced that skinny body of hers all over the bed, riding a nice fat cock until it unleashed a load inside her, and then she squirted it back our for our cameras to see – what a dirty little whore! See full-length episode at

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Austin – V2

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10918 01 Austin   V2
Austin fills out her "power skirt" and top VERY nicely, rendering our usually talkative crew virtually speechless. Once Buster's cock is shoved up inside her, Austin has plenty to say, mostly along the lines of "Oh GOD yes!" and "that feels SOOO good in my pussy." See full-length episode at

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